The Desk provides Customer Support Management of tickets. This will include ticket types such as Incidents, Change Requests, and Alerts. The Desk solution will provide access to data for resolving issues faster. Some major highlights of the desk are:

Tracking and logging data entries
Prioritizing Service Level Agreements
Ticket deflection with built in knowledge base articles
Tracking and logging data entries

The best part about the Desk is the Ticket Automation and Correlation which uses backend logic with soaking thresholds to determine real issues that could be impacting multiple customers. This automation will consolidate issues into one ticket, link related events, and detect any issues that cause noise today and eliminates them.



Getting Started
How it works:
Help Desk vs Data Center:
Unassigned vs Assigned:


Getting Started

Cinch leverages N-Ables High Security Benchmark set by FIPS 140-2 Encryption standards. By doing so, Cinch helps keep workstations, servers, and networks up to date via continuous 24/7 scanning. Alerting IT support staff to potential problems that help keep malicious software off the monitored systems for safety and reliability when tracking the network.

Cinch Software is designed to give you almost complete control when managing your IT infrastructure. Cinch is built to help you streamline processes with efficient, cloud-based, automated maintenance.

Receive alerts on potential issues through email or text message
Patch and update software across your customer base
Schedule tasks, such as updating and running antivirus or performing daily backups
Automate routine maintenance


Getting Started

Workbooks is designed to offer complete visibility into a customer’s network including devices, account management, applications, licensing and more. Workbooks pulls in data for all endpoints so customers can get complete visibility, access remote endpoints from the configuration page, fix IT issues faster, and document information about a client’s IT environment. Easily create, access, and share documents and passwords with colleagues, all within a platform that is SOC II (Type 2) Certified.

Having access to Workbooks will deliver personalized support from every aspect of your customer’s needs.


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